About My Little Blood Cult

My Little Blood Cult is a demonic fishing adventure. Capture demons, monsters, and everything in between to complete your collection and become the most powerful cult known to man! Combine skill with luck to create offerings and fish for hundreds of demons. Fill up your oddities cabinets with unique trophies, and use alchemy to transform your loot into bait to catch more powerful demons. Unlock themed worlds and alters to collect monsters and demons inspired by history, legend, and pop culture.

About Dillo Interactive

HOWDY! DILLO INTERACTIVE IS A SMALL INDIE STUDIO LOCATED JUST OUTSIDE OF AUSTIN TX. Founded by industry veterans in 2019. We bring a combined 25+ years of experience in games, motion design, animation...

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Important Dates

Release:   Thursday, December 14th, 2023


Publisher:   Dillo Interactive
Developer:   Dillo Interactive


  Windows   iOS   Android   Mac OSX

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