Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest Dev Diary Details New Features, Farming Tips, Ahead of August 19th PC and Consoles Launch!

Posted July 22, 2021
A free Monster Harvest demo is now live on Steam, letting players plot their mutations and digital harvesting vocation at Planimal Point by playing the first 10 days of the game before release.

Manchester, UK, July 22, 2021 - Merge and Maple Powered Games are excited to highlight a glimpse into the world of Monster Harvest ahead of its August 19th release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One. 

Creative lead, Kerry Vanderberg, shares what final community requests have been implemented by the team, with new playable character types, housing furniture additions, seed planting hybrids, in-game cooking, and a new friendship system! 

Monster Harvest Dev Diary -- 

All of this is explorable on Steam before release, as to-be farmers can download a free demo of Monster Harvest now, allowing everyone a chance to play 10 days in-game, prior to release. Take a trip to Planimal Point now!

Monster Harvest Steam page - 

About Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest is a pixelated farming simulator with a twist! You will find yourself starting a new life in Planimal Point, ready to develop your own farm, customize your house, craft your own furniture and make delicious jams. What’s more, you can even mutate your crops to create loyal and fierce companions to take into battle!

During the journey through Planimal Point, you will discover strange Slimes which can mutate your crops in ways they would never have imagined! Depending on the season, the Slime, or the crop you mutate, you will be able to create up to 72 different mutations!  

Some crops will mutate into Planimals who are loyal mutated crops that stay by your side through thick and thin. They’ll be a key companion as you adventure across Planimal Point, taking part in thrilling turn-based battles and exploring dungeons as you try to bring down the evil SlimeCo.

  • Farm with mutants! Use magical slimes to mutate the crops you grow on your farm.
  • Collectible Planimal companions! Some slimes mutate your crops into Planimals! 
  • Take your loyal companions into battle as you look to save Planimal Point from the Evil SlimeCo.  
  • Three unique seasons: Dry, Wet, and Dark - Strange weather and seasons shift what you can grow.
  • Venture into the town of Planimal Point - Discover the people and creatures that live there, build relationships to gain discounts in stores.
  • Multiple craftable items and dozens of pieces of furniture to decorate your farm.


About Maple Power Games

Maple Powered Games is a small Indie studio based in a small town in Canada. We focus on making fun and family-friendly games that remind us of the games we grew up with but with a modern flair. Started by a husband-and-wife duo who left the humdrum business world to make their own studio, our goal is to create beautifully hand-crafted worlds for players to explore and fall in love with. 

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