Mega Monster Party

Mega Monster Party Stalks onto Steam Next Fest Before its October 22nd Launch

Posted October 01, 2021
October 1st - Zurich, Switzerland - AirConsole is extremely proud to announce that spooky Halloween themed party game, Mega Monster Party, is joining Steam Next Fest October Edition. Anyone wanting some spooky autumnal action can check out the demo now and start practicing in 10 of Mega Monster Party's frantic minigames.

Mega Monster Party can be played locally or online via Steam Remote Play by 1-4 players, with players using their phones to control the action thanks to AirConsole's seamless cloud based multiplayer technology.

If you're craving more after sinking your fangs into the demo, you'll be able to play the full thing when Mega Monster Party launches on Steam on October 22nd.
About Mega Monster Party

Mega Monster Party
is a classic multiplayer board game and minigame collection by AirConsole, perfect for passing time and ending friendships!
Players use their smartphones as gamepads to control one of eight monstrous characters and conquer the board.

Choose paths wisely, use secret items to gain advantage and stock up on coins by winning PvP minigames. Once you have the funds, find the Board Master and trade coins for monster minions to get ready for the multiplayer final battle.

  • Board game party fun with a classic spooky Halloween theme.
  • 5 different boards with their own events and visuals flair.
  • 40 minigames to conquer your friends in.
  • 1-4 player multiplayer either played locally or online with Steam Remote Play
About AirConsole

AirConsole is a cloud-based platform for local-multiplayer and party games available for PCs and Android TVs. People play together in front of one big screen all using their smartphones as controllers. All you need is your phone and a TV. No extra hardware is required.

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