About M.E.R.C.

The last remaining city stands at a precipice. Driven by corruption and greed, Manta's rise to power endangers not only Neotopia, but all of humankind. This threat must be neutralized. From the creators of Tiny Realms, M.E.R.C. is a tactical, squad-based game of real-time engagement in a near-future dystopia. Adapt to Manta's strategies with the use of multiple classes, including Assault, Sniper, Heavy, and Engineer. Complete missions to acquire better gear and augment your units' abilities, and customize them further with specialized sub-classes. Play solo or enlist your toughest recruits for cooperative multiplayer.

About TinyMob Games

We may be young, but we're growing fast and we want you to be part of our future. Together we'll become the leading maker of free-to-play strategy games on mobile devices by creating the kind of games...

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Important Dates

Release:   Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


Publisher:   TinyMob Games
Developer:   TinyMob Games



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