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Posted November 16, 2023
 Shanghai, China, November 16th, 2023 - The roguelike symbol-building game Lucky Hero, has finally launched on Steam! Starting today, players that pick up the game will be able to enjoy brand-new features including two new characters, hundreds of new symbols, and more for only 10.99 USD. Lucky Hero will be launching with a 10% discount for the first week! 
 The gameplay in Lucky Hero involves utilizing power-ups selected from the “Wheel of Fortune” and strategically planning your attacks against enemies. Players are rewarded upon each spin of the wheel with power ups they can slot into their inventory, similar to how cards are added to attack decks in other roguelike deck-builders. Unlike regular deckbuilding, you’ll never know what you’ll get when players spin the Wheel of Fortune, allowing opportunities for random chance and strategically utilizing the luck of the draw to fuel players paths to victory! 
Lucky Hero has added new features for players to enjoy. Two new characters - Assassin and Summoner have been included to provide different power sets to explore with each spin, and new builds and experiences to give players new ways to combat enemies.

New Features Include: 

  • Hundreds of Symbols: Each symbol has its own abilities and synergies. When arranged in specific combinations, they can have devastating effects.
  • 3 Distinctive Characters: The hefty Warrior, the elusive Assassin, and the enigmatic Summoner, offering varied gameplay experiences.
  • Dozens of Enemies: Test your luck and your strategies against powerful enemies of increasingly deadly pixelated varieties.
  • Slots Based Roguelite Gameplay: Spin the Wheel of Fortune! Strategize your way to victory with every spin.
 Choose your path forward carefully, hoard all the gold you can find, collect powerful symbols to arm yourself, strategically design specific builds, vanquish formidable enemies, and put the “luck” Lucky Hero
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The Lucky Hero team is available for interviews, for further questions and media inquiries contact: [email protected] 

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