Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross

Deckbuilding Medieval RPG “Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross” to be Released on July 20 for Steam

Posted July 06, 2023
If you love reading stories about medieval knights and princesses and enjoy the strategic play of deckbuilders, then you’ll love Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross, which is going to be released July 20th on Steam for only $15.99 USD with 10% discount for the first week.

With highly-detailed pixel art, epic historical stories, vicious bosses, hundreds of cards and relics, Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross provides an engrossing RPG experience. Go on a journey during the medieval 15th century with this story-driven deckbuilding RPG featuring more than 30 unique teammates. Unlike traditional deckbuilders, the teammates you recruit decide the success or failure of battles. Fight the war against the Teutonic knights, or tackle roguelite runs in this strategic deckbuilder unlike any other. 

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About Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross

In a story is adapted from the Nobel Prize-winning work “Krzyżacy - The Knights of the Cross” by Henryk Sienkiewicz, you'll experience the life and death struggles between the Polish-Lithuanian people and the aggressive Teutonic Knights of the 15th century.

Play as a knight, embark on the medieval adventure, search for companions, collect diverse cards, and help Polish-Lithuanian Alliance defeat the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Grunwald.

Key features:
  • Teammate skills play a crucial role in combat, with how you play your hand triggering those skills.
  • More than 30 teammates can be recruited and leveled up. All of which have unique skills and storylines of their own.
  • Build your own combat style with different cards, teammates, and relics, ensuring no run is the same.
  • Experience a massive, epic medieval adventure with 7 chapters and over 200 side requests and events.
  • Once you're done with the main campaign, there is a roguelite mode providing more even challenges and replayability
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