Kokurase -EPISODE ONE-

Kokurase Episode 2 is here

Posted November 25, 2016

Kokurase Episode 2 Now on Steam! Episode 1 FREE!

Join Kokurase and friends once again in this intertwined tale of romance and high school drama! This time the client is timid, honors student Kotaro Hino who has his heart set on Madoka Asagaya, the most popular and well-liked girl in his class. Overcoming Kotaro's ineptitude in romance is the least of Kokurase's problems. They'll also have to contend with Madoka's childhood friend, the hotheaded Musashi, and a mysterious new group called the "Thin Red Liners" that oppose everything Kokurase stands for.


Will Genji and friends succeed in bringing Kotaro and Madoka together or will “the threads of fate” be restored?

Switch between the major characters to get all sides of the story. Use "Key Phrases" in character interactions and complete challenges to sow the seeds of love (or undo them). Explore the honors student building and meet all new NPCs and characters in this heart pumping episode!

Kokurase Episode 2 is available on Steam for 4.99$USD

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