It's A Wrap!

Exploding Onto the Scene—80s Action Puzzler It’s a Wrap! Drops Surprise PC Launch & Reveals Nintendo Release Date at Gamescom

Posted August 23, 2023
Today developer Chanko Studios and publisher AMC Games shadow-dropped the PC launch of It’s a Wrap!, their one-of-a-kind 2D puzzle platformer inspired by classic action films of the 1980s. Accompanying the announcement, a nostalgia-inducing trailer featured in the Future Games Show reveals new gameplay, from intergalactic space battles to high-octane chase scenes, all packaged in an “unforgettable” rap performance in the style of the absolute cheesiest 80s commercials.

Players eager to direct and star in this summer blockbuster can play It’s A Wrap! on Steam, Epic Games Store, or GOG now, or pick it up on the Nintendo Switch™ system on August 31, 2023. Watch the It’s a Wrap! Release Trailer here:

Though inspired by B-movies, It’s a Wrap! launches wrapped in laurels from festivals around the globe. The game has been included in 19 showcases at venues like PAX West and London Games Festival; top awards include the Critic’s Choice Award at Indie Game Fest 2023, Excellence in Design and IGN Japan’s Media Highlight Award at BitSummit 2022, Most Innovative Newcomer at the Creative Gaming Awards 2022, and the award for Most Fun at Indie X 2022

As Chanko Studios’ debut title, these acknowledgments are a testament to the small team’s exceptional craftsmanship, passion, and dedication to delivering a standout puzzle experience. “It's a Wrap! is our heartfelt tribute to the golden era of 80s action movies, and we hope it resonates with players who like their puzzles challenging and their action over-the-top,” said Guillaume Bernard and Dominik Schwäger, Co-Founders of Chanko Studios

It’s A Wrap! cleverly combines challenging puzzle-solving, satisfying 2D platforming, and an abundance of 80s nostalgia. In It’s a Wrap! the player directs and stars in low-budget Hollywood films trapped in a loop of rehearse, die, and repeat. With the unique “timeline editing” mechanic, players assume the role of director and must skillfully maneuver the timing of actors, props, and special effects to craft the perfect scene before the cameras start rolling. Places, people!

As soon as you hear “action,” the player switches roles to take control of film star Johnny Rush as he navigates a series of meticulously choreographed stunts. Whether it’s evading explosive trucks in a high-speed motorcycle chase, dodging asteroids in epic space battles, or outrunning a boulder chasing you down a treacherous cavern, Johnny Rush will meet his cartoonish yet spectacular demise time and time again until everything is picture perfect.

"AMC Games is always on the lookout for unique voices and innovative experiences, and It’s A Wrap! is a perfect example of that,” said Clayton Neuman, Vice President of Games & Franchise at AMC. “It’s as surprising as it is delightful, as head-scratching as it is thrilling. This game has something for everyone— whether your passion is 80s blockbusters, mind-bending puzzles, high-octane platformers, or Final Cut Pro.”

It’s a Wrap! is available now on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Game Store, with a Nintendo Switch release coming on August 31, 2023. Players can test out their filmmaking skills by playing a new demo on the showfloor at Gamescom this week, or downloading it from Steam. Stay informed and join the conversation about It’s a Wrap! on Discord or Twitter.


About It’s a Wrap!
It's a Wrap! is a challenging puzzle game about making movies in 1980s Hollywood. Figure out the perfect timing of props, actors, and special effects as the Director. Then jump into the scene as the movie's star in a traditional 2D platformer.

About Chanko Studios
Chanko Studios is an indie game studio based in France, with the core goal of creating story-driven puzzle games that get your brain cells working and make you laugh. For more details visit

About AMC Games
AMC Games is the video game publishing arm of AMC Networks, providing developers with a home for their passion projects that guarantee players a unique gaming experience. Launched in 2020 with the IGF-nominated flight passenger simulator Airplane Mode, which meticulously recreates the experience of real-time commercial flight, AMC Games has produced titles including the meditative metal-detecting game The Magnificent Trufflepigs, the upcoming pulp-horror strategy game Fabulous Fear Machine, and the upcoming “video editing puzzle” game It’s a Wrap!, which has already won the Critic’s Choice Award at Indie Game Fest, Excellence in Design from BitSummit, and Most Fun at Indie X.

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