Harken Ye! The Dragon, The Hare, and The Beast Lair Update Arrives in Inkulinati

Posted June 05, 2023
HAMBURG, Germany, (June 5, 2023)— Developer Yaza Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment rejoice at the release of the second major update to Inkulinati, the playful, yet unforgivingly-challenging medieval strategy game. After listening to player feedback, the new update will include many requested changes and updates, including new Beasts, new talents, a new battle type, gameplay updates, and much, much more. 

To celebrate the second update, Inkulinati will be 30% off as part of Steam Midweek Madness starting Monday, June 5th at 10 am PDT until Thursday, June 8th at 10 am PDT. The new update is available now on Xbox One and Series X|S via Xbox Game Preview and Game Pass, or on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access, GOG Early Access, and the Microsoft Store (for PC only).
Seemingly lighthearted and whimsical on the surface, Inkulinati players have discovered that at its core, it’s a complex and challenging strategy game. The team at Yaza has been listening to player feedback and has incorporated player requests and game improvements into their second major update. These changes include: 
  • New Beasts - 2 Hares (the bigger and more vicious cousins of Rabbits), Bees (with deadly stings and tiny hats), and the all-powerful Dragon (the most powerful Beast in all of Inkulinati!)
  • New Lairs - a new type of battle in the Journey mode. The Beast Lairs are an element on the Battlefield from which opposing Beasts emerge every now and then and you only win the fight when you destroy all the Beast Lairs on the Battlefield - and all the opponents.
  • New Faculty System - When start your game, you can now choose your Faculty which determines your specialty as an Inkulinati Master. Nine Faculties represents different strategies and synergies that you will use during the game, designed specifically to your needs. Hate to be pushed around, and off the Battlefield or looking for a strategy to defeat heretics? There’s a Faculty for that. 
  • New Gameplay Updates - Many new improvements to increase the overall challenge and replayability, including a new Act that’s unlocked after completing Journey mode for the second time, new leaderboards, a rating system, new Non-Battle Locations (look out for the Alchemist and the Princess!), and new hand actions too! 

After 700 years in the making, Inkulinati is now available in early access on PC Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Players can stay up to date with the ink-based indie on Yaza Games website, or share their Early Access feedback on Twitter and Discord.

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