House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2 Gets a Groundbreaking Sandbox Mode

Posted October 12, 2023
CRACOW, Poland. October 12th, 2023 – Frozen District, creators of the critically acclaimed House Flipper series, are ecstatic to shed light on the highly anticipated feature set to debut in House Flipper 2: the Sandbox Mode. This all-new sandbox experience elevates the home renovation gaming experience to new heights. Players are no longer limited to merely flipping existing homes; the Sandbox Mode empowers them to craft houses from the ground up, answering years of dedicated fan feedback from forums and beyond. Prepare to swap your mop for a brick hammer as House Flipper 2 releases on December 14 on Steam
While Story Mode remains a beloved feature from House Flipper 1, now Sandbox mode promises to give fans what they were missing - and more. Such is the vastness of this sandbox — or perhaps "arena box" would be more apt — that Frozen District's level designers constructed every house in House Flipper 2's Story Mode using the Sandbox Mode. This grants players access to the same sophisticated tools wielded by the game developers, essentially transforming this mode into an advanced level editor.
Key Highlights of the Sandbox mode:

  • New Sandbox Mode: Build from scratch with unparalleled creative freedom. 
  • Advanced Building Tools: Use grid snapping or free placement for meticulous design.
  • Customization & Flexibility: Clone styles, alter wall heights, or relocate entire houses.
  • Landscaping: Shape and mold the environment, from rolling hills or deep basements.
  • Material Customization: Dynamic options to change wall patterns, colors, and more.
  • Floor Plan View: Top-down planning mode for detailed design and layout.
  • Expanding Furniture Library: Over 1,500 items, and growing, for detailed interior designs.
  • Undo & Redo at Will: Simply undo or redo steps, offering players unmatched flexibility.
  • Endless Design Customization: From adjustable walls to a vast color spectrum for painting.
  • Creations & Community Sharing: share your house creations with the broader community.
  • Seamless & Dynamic: Insert windows without prior cut-outs, construct basements, and alter landscapes in real time.

After its launch, House Flipper 2 will see consistent updates, assimilating player feedback, and rolling out exciting new features. Watch the House Flipper 2 Sandbox Mode trailer on the official YouTube channel.

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About House Flipper:

The House Flipper games are casual, family-friendly design simulators that let players use their creativity and ingenuity to repair, remodel, and renovate run-down houses. More than a simulator, House Flipper games encourage players to relax, express their creativity, and build strong communities.

The first House Flipper game sold over 5M copies across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. House Flipper 2 upgrades the original title with polished mechanics, crisp new graphics, plus new gameplay modes: Sandbox and Story Modes.

About Frozen District:

Frozen District is a group of gamers - personalities full of passion for virtual entertainment. Regular people who are still ready to pull some all-nighters playing their favorite titles. We know what gamers need, as we are a part of the gaming community, and through creating our own projects, which we would play ourselves, we fulfill our ambitions.

At the same time, all of us want to be the best at what we do, still trying to reach the peak of our performance by polishing our skills and seeking innovative solutions. That is why in our midst, you can find experts in programming, marketing, graphics, design, and many more. Our main priority is constant improvement and crafting all the valuable experience gathered this way into the uniqueness present in our current and upcoming titles.

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