Supernatural RPG, HellSign, Hits Steam Early Access on Nov 7

Posted September 12, 2018

AUSTRALIA -- September 12, 2018 - Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of your favourite supernatural investigators? Live your life like a monster of the week episode? Then get ready to make a pact with darkness, because HellSign is coming to turn those dreams into nightmares. Launching onto Steam Early Access (PC) on November 7, 2018, HellSign offers up a hardcore supernatural RPG experience that captures the feeling of being in-too-deep during a paranormal investigation with nothing but your wits and some rusty hunting gear.


Check out the initial announcement trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEsSF8m3FvA


Focusing on a satisfying gameplay loop inspired by years of television paranormal hunting history, step into the shoes of a hunter as you travel around Australia investigating the unknown and taking down all manner of horrifying monsters - it’s just another day in the life, after all. After creating your character and choosing from a series of classes with unique abilities, dive into a non-linear narrative, taking on contract jobs as you make money and learn more about the creatures stalking in the night.


So how does this all go down?


Investigate paranormal disturbance

Take your first steps into the unknown, whether its an abandoned house, barn, or warehouse, and use all the tools at your disposal to try and put together what happened.


Collect signs

From blood splatters to hidden relics, desiccated corpses to electromagnetic frequencies, search your assigned location for signs to fill up the Cryptonomicon - your guide to all things paranormal.


Arm yourself

Using the signs you uncovered and your skills of deduction, figure out what you’re up against and arm yourself accordingly. Should you grab extra silver bullets, or would a thermal imaging scanner be more useful to you? But remember: you can only carry so much.


Eliminate the threat

Take the hunt to darkness’ front door. With the knowledge you’ve gathered and an arsenal of (hopefully) useful gear, take down the creature that’s been causing trouble for your contractee.



Turn in your contract and any valuable goods you found to make enough money to hunt another day. Then do just that as you take on your next harrowing contract!


HellSign arrives on Steam Early Access (PC) on November 7, 2018. For more information on the game, be sure to wishlist and follow the game on Steam, follow Ballistic Interactive on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the official website. See below for additional details on what you can expect from the Early Access and full game launches.


Early Access Launch Features:

Story mode - Chapter 1 of 3

3 bosses and 13 creatures to hunt

Gameplay feature-complete

10-12 hours of gameplay


Full Game Launch Features:

Story mode told over three chapters

12+ bosses and 25+ creatures to hunt

3+ job locations to investigate

Enhancements and tweaks to core gameplay

40 hours of gameplay

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