Green Hell

Creepy Jar to Continue Green Hell Support Through 2023 and Beyond

Posted March 08, 2023
Warsaw, Poland - Mar 8th, 2023 — Fans of Creepy Jar’s highly-acclaimed survival title, Green Hell, still have plenty to look forward to in 2023 and beyond as the developer commits to continued support and even more updates. Known for listening to their community and actively involving them as they endeavor to improve the experience, Creepy Jar plans to build upon Green Hell in the coming months and will be once again leaning on the community for its invaluable input.

Today, Creepy Jar is giving players a glimpse into the road ahead with Green Hell’s latest roadmap. Updates coming to the PC version of the game will include new animals, improved combat, better storage and transportation options, and more. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can look forward to PC-first updates such as Animal Husbandry—already in the advanced stages of its port—and the recently released Building Update to land on their platform of choice, as well.

Having an engaged community is invaluable for any developer, and when you have one as dedicated as the Green Hell community, it would be foolish to not tap into that resource. Kicking off ahead of the Building Update in late 2022, Creepy Jar asked players to join in on a pre-update beta and then provide feedback based on what they saw. This allowed the team at Creepy Jar to not only improve the Building Update in general, but the community’s creativity gave Creepy Jar some incredible ideas for continued quality-of-life improvements for the game.

Not content to just sit on their hands, Creepy Jar went right to their community again asking players “What should we add to Green Hell?” in a recent survey. This was a unique opportunity for dedicated Green Hell fans to be the compass that Creepy Jar looks to for direction when they aim to make the game even more replayable, fun, and engaging than ever.

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