Green Hell VR

The wait is over - Green Hell VR has been unleashed for PC VR.

Posted June 13, 2022
After a wildly successful launch on Oculus, Green Hell VR boasts its most immersive survival experience yet.

KATOWICE, Poland, June 9, 2022 -  The wait is over and we hope you’re fully prepared - Green Hell VR is out now for PC VR. The release took place during the Upload VR Showcase on June 9 with a brand new launch trailer. Updated for the full potential of PC VR, Green Hell VR is available for $24,99 on the Steam store. To celebrate, we are offering 10% off the launch price until June 16. You can get the original Green Hell PC game plus Green Hell VR Steam VR through the Bundle discount of 20% until June 22.
Green Hell VR puts the “real” in “virtual reality”

Designed to be a true-to-life open-world survival experience, developers Incuvo have spent additional time to heighten the realism for the most immersive gameplay yet for PC VR players with higher visual fidelity, specially-designed gameplay mechanics, and a wider terrain to explore.

"The support from our Quest 2 players has been humbling, seeing Green Hell VR at the top of the bestseller list on the Oculus store." said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO at Incuvo. "We thank all our fans and Creepy Jar for allowing us to bring Green Hell VR to everyone, we can't wait to see how PC VR users think of this version"
Green Hell VR has thrilled brave adventurers on Oculus Quest already, climbing to the top of the Oculus Store’s best-seller list and has been heralded as one of the most authentic and challenging VR experiences to date. Players will behold the terrifying power of the Amazon jungle as they lead anthropologist Jake Higgins in the search for his wife Mia - missing after a mysterious turn of events. With only a radio connecting them, Jake must navigate through the forest using landmarks, discerning helpful from harmful plants and animals, all while monitoring his physical and mental states. Utilizing over 60 different mechanics is essential for enduring the jungle - healing, crafting, building, hunting, combat, and more - truly, it is no walk in the woods;
  • Face the Jungle - survive in a beautifully deadly recreation of the amazonian jungle with its autochthonous flora and fauna.

  • Survive - Search, hunt, or run for your life from predators. Deadly animals are a threat of all shapes and sizes; watch out for jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs.  

  • Immersive Exploration - Experience dynamic weather in day and night cycles as you traverse across dense forest foliage, opening new exploration routes to find resources or build a shelter.

  • Tactical Tool Crafting - challenge yourself to stay alive, crafting valuable tools to help you on your journey

  • Multiple endings - unearth the puzzle pieces to trace back Jake's steps and crack open the mystery that led you into this mess of a Green Hell.

  • Hear the sounds of the jungle - Listen closely to the surrounding rainforest; be fully immersed and bend in with the environment through rainwater effects, rustling leaves, crackling sparks next to the fire, or growling jaguars.

We have also added a variety of improvements to the Quest version, from UI enhancements to enemy tweaks, bug fixes, and improved graphics, plus new features like custom difficulty selection and Immersive HUD Mode. A full list can be found on the Green Hell VR Oculus store page.

Developed by Incuvo, Green Hell VR is based on the critically acclaimed survival title Green Hell, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 on PC, later released on consoles. Green Hell has thrilled many brave players, selling over 3 million copies across all platforms to date.
To learn more about Green Hell VR visit the website, join the conversation on Discord, and follow development on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Order Green Hell VR on Steam today!

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