Furnish Master

Interior Design Game, Furnish Master, Launches On Steam Today!

Posted February 20, 2024
Tbilisi, Georgia - February 20th, 2024 -  After a productive year in early access, developer Alexander Blintsov is excited to finally release Furnish Master to the world!

Inspired by his introduction to game development as a level designer with a love of 3D modeling, Furnish Master was developed as a debut solo project to be a relaxing interior design game for players with or without design experience. After several months of feedback from a community passionate about bringing their dream interior design projects to life, we are happy to confirm that Furnish Master launches today on Steam!
Furnish Master is a game where players can express their creativity by furnishing various home properties! The game includes a story mode that adds budgetary challenges, tasking players with earning enough money fulfilling requests to furnish different spaces. Become a full-blown Furnish Master and make all your home-renovation dreams come true! 
Relaxed Home Decoration Experience

Play at your own pace with easy and intuitive controls that allow you to maneuverer decorative pieces in any configuration you'd like!

Creative Design Freedom

Select from an array of different furniture sets with various colors and materials to custom fit arrangements that fit the color palette of your rooms you're working with.

Challenging Story Mode

Explore a whole town's worth of rental properties that need to be furnished in specific ways! Invest in properties, earn money from design challenges, to buy more spaces and new furniture and design your dream home!

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