Frozenheim, the Beautiful Norse Strategy Game, sets sail out of Early Access Today!

Posted June 16, 2022
Warsaw, June 16, 2022HYPERSTRANGE and Paranoid Interactive invite you today, on Thor's Day, to join the clans of the Frozen North! Frozenheim is celebrating its full release out of early access, bringing the finishing touches to the game's visuals and gameplay and introducing the fourth story campaign. It concludes the game's main narrative while offering the players a new procedural map generation system that allows them to venture beyond the pre-defined scenarios.

Frozenheim blends real-time strategy with a management-focused city-building sim into an epic saga of your own making. Taking a lighter approach to RTS unit control allows the player to take in the views of the Unreal Engine-powered game world as seasons pass at the turn of the Great Wheel. While managing villages and leading their clans, players will feel immersed in the half-mythical time of Viking sagas, when old Norse gods still influenced the world of men. While offering many different challenges, the game’s primary focus is to allow the player to live out their Norse fantasy.

The game offers a 21-mission single-player campaign with four stories of different Viking clans to follow, as well as multi-player, free-form city-building, and skirmish modes, with a promise of further expansion via free post-release content updates. The full Steam and Humble Store release will launch the game at $19.99 (€16.99) with a special 20% off release-week discount now available for a limited time.

Gameplay trailer: 

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