Frostpunk 2

The City is Boiling with Tension in Frostpunk 2’s First Gameplay Trailer

Posted January 16, 2024
Warsaw, Poland - January 16th, 2024 — 11 bit studios is immensely proud to unveil the first look into the gameplay in Frostpunk 2 after sharing a teaser in the PC Gaming Show Most Wanted showcase in November. The sequel comes as a highly-anticipated follow-up to 11 bit studios’ original city-builder which earned praise for its skillful blend of strategy gameplay and emergent, emotional narrative. Releasing this year, Frostpunk 2 remains focused on the story of a people dealing with harsh realities. As it is in life, some individuals wield more driving force than others, but when you’re trying to ensure the sustainability and survival of your City, that power provides little relief. 
As a Steward in Frostpunk 2, you will oversee an ever-growing metropolis and be required to carefully weigh the needs and demands of its society. Your people are concerned with the fate of their children and crimes on the streets. They complain about unhealthy squalor, escalated by industrial growth, but need places to work. And what if you cannot afford to reward their toil with food and shelter or take care of their health? You can’t please everyone and when radical factions start rising, it only takes a tiny spark for the boiling tension to blow cal

Thirty years after the Great Storm, the tyranny has ended. The delegates can vote, with or without certain persuasions, to pass laws to fulfill people’s will and steer the entire City into one of many futures.

All this with a mantra echoing in everyone’s minds: The City must not fall.

But will you be the one to persist and witness its triumph?

Frostpunk 2 will launch on PC in the first half of 2024 and will be available day one with PC Game Pass and later with Xbox Game Pass upon release on Xbox Series X|S. Further Game Pass additions from 11 bit studios portfolio are set to be unveiled at a later date. 

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