Flow Weaver

Ciarán Strange and Julie Colette Wright Announced as Star Voice Actors in ‘Flow Weaver’

Posted February 18, 2021
After waking up bound in a mysterious tower, the Flow Weaver soon comes to realise they are trapped. They seem to  be held against their will by a villainous necromancer but no further information is readily available.

By moving between dimensions, or ‘flows’, and solving puzzles along the way, the Flow Weaver should be able to escape from almost-certain doom. Or can they…?

Starring Ciarán Strange (Borderlands 3) and introducing Julie Colette Wright, as the titular character in the English and French language versions respectively, they are joined by a talented cast of actors from the commercial, television, and video game sectors. 

“We are honoured to welcome such talented actors to our upcoming title, Flow Weaver,” said Evan Jones, head of Stitch Media. “Playing a character in VR is already a very immersive experience, and hearing your internal thoughts helps so much to  deepen that immersion for the player.

Flow Weaver is a rich and beautiful narrative escape room game designed especially for Oculus. Features include:
  • A variety of fantastic locations transforming the mundane to the magical
  • Expressive narrative through fully voice-acted dialogue
  • Feel the power as you learn magic spells and tear open the fabric of reality

Look for Ciarán Strange to a play in a livestreamed tabletop RPG one-shot based on the world of Flow Weaver later this month. More details will be shared on the website closer to the broadcast date: https://flow-weaver.com/.

Flow Weaver is coming to Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Quest 2 headsets in 2021.

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