Fling to the Finish

I Came, I Saw, I Flung - Fling to the Finish 1.0 Release Set for January 18th!

Posted January 10, 2024
Hamburg, Germany, January 10, 2024 — Developer Splitside Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment are thrilled to finally launch Fling to the Finish out of early access on January 18th with an exciting new content update for the unique and absurd multiplayer racing game!

Fling to the Finish has been in development for over 2 years, enjoying a  highly successful  Early Access period, and establishing a strong community of dedicated fans fondly flinging their balls all over the internet. Since launching into Early Access, the team at Splitside Games has been working tirelessly to improve the game, adding requested features, and increasing the game’s wacky fun with the addition of 5 insane new levels, new unlockable characters/skins/stickers/banners, new in-game abilities, new game modes and much, much more! Now, those players who have waited through Early Access to experience the tethered, co-op madness of Fling to the Finish – in both local and online modes – need wait no longer with the launch into full 1.0 glory on Windows PC through Steam! Coming in as the biggest addition in the 1.0 update is the new level They’re Here, where players can get abducted by UFOs and must escape before getting back on track. With this, Fling to the Finish offers 16 whacky and exciting levels to discover!

Fling to the Finish is now available on Steam. Console versions are planned for later this year.
Fling to the Finish is a cooperative racing game where teams of two players race through 16 colorful, chaotic obstacle courses while tethered by a stretchy elastic rope. Depending on your communication skills, this rope can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy - just like the friend you’re tethered to. Get up close and personal with your partner to maneuver two characters bouncing, rolling, and flinging their way to the finish line! 

Because you're literally attached to your partner, Fling to the Finish is a truly cooperative experience, be it together on a couch, online, or something in between! Local co-op groups can race with and against other players online to create parties of up to 8 people. If you truly want to ramp up the insanity, you can even play through Fling to the Finish by sharing one controller with your partner. Masters of the rope use it to swing around perilous obstacles and fling their partner up ledges seconds before they fall to their doom. There are a million ways to enjoy Fling to the Finish, however, while you push and pull each other in the game, try not to do the same in real life!

Fling to the Finish press materials are available for download here.

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