Fling to the Finish

Chaotic Co-op Fling to the Finish Hurls Players Into Fling-a-Thon: Summer Tournament Adds New Game Mode, Cosmetics & Hijinks

Posted July 25, 2022
SplitSide Games and Publisher Daedalic just announced “Fling-a-Thon”: a community tournament kicking off July 25th to August 8th for their wacky co-op racing game, Fling to the Finish. Alongside this friendly competition, Fling to the Finish adds fresh player cosmetics, plus a permanent new game mode called “Ring-a-thon”. The game will be discounted to celebrate the event and update.
In Fling to the Finish teams of two race through colorful, chaotic obstacle courses while tethered by a stretchy elastic rope. Depending on your communication skills, this rope can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy— just like the friend you’re tethered to.

This summer’s “Fling-a-thon” tournament will truly let players flaunt their flinging-skills. Team Modern and Team Ancient face off in 3-race tournaments for ultimate glory— plus exclusive skins, stickers and banners. As an added bonus, during “Fling-a-thon” each and every race in the game will feature extra speed-boosts and obstacles to make racing all the more ridiculous!
The new “Ring-a-thon” mode adds speed-boost gates to send players soaring across troublesome obstacles at speeds hitherto unreached. But be careful— it’s raining javelins from the skies! Above and beyond “Fling-a-thon” and “Ring-a-thon,” Fling to the Finish is adding a new progression system where players can level up their ranks to unlock new character cosmetics, plus hilarious banners and stickers to personalize their game persona.

For more information, follow SplitSide Games on Facebook, the Fling to the Finish Twitter channel or check out the official Steam page. 

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