A simple game of over or under taken to the darkest extreme. Strapped to a machine with a plethora of gadgets, the footsteps of a nightmarish terror approach from behind. Your only hope is to save enough points to pay for your escape before the inevitable. Flathead is designed as a highly replayable, single-sitting game dripping with tension and atmosphere. A simple idea of over or under becomes a strategic gamble with your life as a variety of tools and the strategies they introduce give a unique depth to an innocent concept. Increase your odds, accumulate point multipliers, gain unique modifiers, and more. But no matter how well you’re doing, maybe don’t look over your shoulder… Today was special, participant.

About DreadXP

DreadXP is an independent horror games publisher. DreadXP’s goal is to seek out and publish great titles, and uplift members of the indie dev community. DreadXP releases include award winning games su...

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Important Dates

Release:   Thursday, May 30th, 2024


Publisher:   DreadXP
Developer:   oxblud



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