All Systems Green! EVERSPACE 2’s PC Launch Shoots for the Stars… and Succeeds!

Posted May 02, 2023
Hamburg, Germany – May 2, 2023 – With more than 300,000 in PC copies sold to-date, Independent AA developer ROCKFISH Games is excited to declare EVERSPACE 2 a massive critical and commercial success for the self-funded studio. With aggregate 81 Metacritic and 83 Opencritic scores from critics globally, and more than six and a half thousand player reviews on Steam ranking the game as 88% “Very Positive”, space game fans are excited for the space action RPG.

Watch the Everspace 2 PC Launch Accolades Trailer HERE!
The game’s launch has surpassed ROCKFISH Games’ financial targets. Comparing launch weeks, EVERSPACE 2 has sold twice the copies and brought in more than three and a half times the revenue as the first title in the series without any indication of losing sales from the title being available on Xbox Game Pass for PC as Game Preview. This sequel saw seven times more pilots in the cockpit during launch week than its predecessor, hitting a high of close to 10,000 concurrent players.

“This has been a fantastic launch for Rockfish games, our biggest yet! The team’s done an amazing job, and we’re now reaping the fruits of our hard work of the past five years and beyond. We hit our commercial goals in terms of product visibility, game downloads, and net revenue,” says ROCKFISH Games CEO Michael Schade. “Even more rewarding is seeing our amazing community and space fans in the media love what we’ve built. This paints a bright future for our studio and Everspace as a franchise. We have so much more planned, and I can’t wait for us to share what we’ve been working on for our first free update later this year and the massive expansion coming in the second half of 2024.”
Interest in EVERSPACE 2 goes beyond immediate launch week sales. ROCKFISH Games has seen more than more than 100k wishlists and 50k demo downloads on Steam during launch week.

“It’s clear that we have the attention of space game fans, and they’ll be watching for coming updates and sales. Our demo was a big part of our path to success from announcement to launch. Since the demo was added to Steam, we’ve had 350,000 downloads with an astoundingly high 70% activation rate from space fans around the world interested in trying EVERSPACE 2 for themselves,” says Schade. “We plan to keep the demo available for the foreseeable future to let pilots get hands-on and check out the first space sector as long as they like to make an educated purchase decision.”

Thanks to the exceptional visuals of more than 100 handcrafted locations worth exploring, intense combat, deep customization, and RPG mechanics, space game enthusiasts from all over the world are eager to show their adventures online by sharing stunning screenshots and gameplay clips on social media. 

“We’ve seen hundreds of content creators streaming and making videos on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms over the last week,” continues Schade. “Iconic creators with a deep love for space, shooter, and roleplaying games like CohhCarnage, Skill Up, and ObsidianAnt to name a few have all given incredibly enthusiastic thumbs up in multiple streams and videos.”

With the console launch on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 coming this summer including a physical Deluxe Edition published by Maximum Games, ROCKFISH Games has already started work on the game’s first major free update planned for later this year. This update is planned to add new features including more ship customization options, legendary gear, high-level spacecraft, and voice acting in French and Japanese. Development has also begun on a sizable expansion scheduled for mid-2024 for EVERSPACE 2 which will add more story content, new star systems to explore, fresh gear to loot, and expand gameplay features.

EVERSPACE 2 is available on Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store for $49.99 USD / £44.99 / €49.99 / ¥5900 as well as through PC Game Pass. The game is fully voiced in English and German and currently localized in thirteen languages including English, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.

Support for MacOS and Steam Deck optimization are both in development and will be released in future patches. The EVERSPACE 2 digital soundtrack and artbook will be available for purchase later this year.

Follow EVERSPACE 2 on Twitter, Facebook, and join the community Discord for the latest development news. On fridays, the ROCKFISH Games team shows off content from their latest EVERSPACE 2 dev build on the ROCKFISH Games Twitch and YouTube channel from 8 pm to 10 pm CET / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PT. Viewers are encouraged to drop their questions in chat for the dev team.

continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first game of the series. EVERSPACE 2 has six sprawling star systems that can be explored by space pilots. Players experience Adam's emotional journey and personal development from an immortal clone space pilot to an individual character whose death has final consequences in an open-world action RPG. 

EVERSPACE 2 can be purchased on Steam here and on GOG here. EVERSPACE 2 is available on PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store.

About ROCKFISH Games GmbH
ROCKFISH Games is an independent AA game studio specializing in cutting-edge space action RPGs for PC and consoles. Industry veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr founded ROCKFISH Games to create a new breed of adrenalin-filled adventures for space shooter fans through their acclaimed EVERSPACEIP. After spending 30 years as joint entrepreneurs in the 3D graphics and mobile gaming space, Schade and Lohr built ROCKFISH Games from the ground up alongside their former team of veteran talents to the current studio of 25 cherry-picked game developers and community experts from across the industry.

Using Kickstarter as a platform to build a new community in 2015, ROCKFISH Games reached a runaway success with EVERSPACE, which has sold over two million copies on PC and consoles. Building on this success and propelled by yet another wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, ROCKFISH Games is dedicated to crafting a compelling next-gen single-player open-world space shooter experience that is driven by quality storytelling while being highly accessible at the beginning and yet deep in its gameplay mechanics to appeal to casual as well as hardcore space action aficionados from around the globe with EVERSPACE 2.

About Maximum Games
Maximum Games is an award-winning video game publisher partnering with best-in-class game creators and franchises around the world (Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Among Us, Five Nights at Freddy’s™). With over 300 titles in its catalogue, Maximum Games has grown to a top 20 global games company since it was founded by Christina Seelye in 2009. Visit Maximum Games at www.maximumgames.com.

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