Enshrouded Crafts First Major Content Update of Early Access

Posted March 26, 2024
Frankfurt, Germany, March 26th, 2024 – The first major content update for Keen Games’ Enshrouded launches today! The Hollow Halls content update includes new, larger dungeons with a new enemy faction and new legendary rewards, a mysterious crafting station with new recipes, and new quests. Other additions for builders, crafters, and growers abound as well as many improvements to performance, UI, and quality of life all of which were influenced by the players using Enshrouded’s Feature Upvote tool. More updates are planned for the content revealed in the Early Access roadmap earlier this month, leading up to Enshrouded’s 1.0 launch in 2025.

Watch the new Hollow Halls trailer below for your first look at the changes and check out the full list included with the update here.
Hollow, is it Halls you’re looking for?

The Hollow Halls content included in the update adds four new, expansive dungeons filled with enemies, new traps, and new rewards for those brave enough to enter. Roam through each dungeon, one in each biome, after talking with the Alchemist.

Builders and decorators will be happy to know that round doors and windows are available for the ultimate cozy holes in the ground, to live out your humble fantasies. Add adorable potted plants and additional tree saplings around your home, sweet home - whether hole or actual house. Immersion will be improved, once the fog has been removed from bases in the content update - request #23 as voted by players. Also, SITTING! Yes! Your characters will be able to sit on furniture, just like you! 
Sharing is Caring and Carrying

For those fond of friendship and co-op collaboration, this major update contains features that will bring your fellow Flameborn closer than ever, and make managing your supplies even easier. Multiplayer pings will allow all party members to accurately convey a direction or point of interest when exploring, as well as finding servers to visit more precisely with IP searching. 

Crafting can now be done in stacks, and be split - a feature that currently sits at #7 top-voted by players on Feature Upvote. Once supplies are crafted and split, sharing with cohorts is easier than ever, with more convenient menu access (as well, you’ll be notified if their backpack is full and unable to receive your generous gift). 
What’s Up, Date?

This update also includes many quality-of-life, UI, and performance-related improvements. Firstly, framerate limits to 60hz have been removed, meaning everything will look smoother if you’ve got the components capable of higher refresh rates. Also, removing some of the visual clutter, the removal of typos and errors caught by the community, and several other minor clipping, border visuals for building spaces have been tweaked and corrected. 

Finally, updates like this one will be efficiently applied to your computer with only affected areas being patched - not a complete overwrite, meaning you can enjoy the plethora of features, fixes, and new content much faster. Camera motions have also improved to give players greater fluidity and presence when taking Enshrouded’s vistas. 

Enshrouded launched into Early Access on Steam on January 24th, 2024, with full 1.0 and console releases planned in 2025. The game reached 2 million players in the weeks following launch and currently enjoys a Very Positive Steam reception. For the latest on Enshrouded news, visit the official website, purchase the game on Steam, and follow the game on social media:  Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, TikTok, and YouTube

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