The Quest for Success: Enshrouded Shares Tips & Tricks, Early Access Insight

Posted February 07, 2024
Frankfurt am Main, 07 February 2024 –  Now that Enshrouded has launched into Early Access, developers Keen Games are excited to share some tips and tricks for the many players who have embarked in Embervale or plan to soon. The team is immensely grateful for all the player feedback and plans to reveal the roadmap for the next months for  Early Access soon. They also thank the community for seeing Enshrouded reach the top 10 of both Top Selling and Most Played Steam Charts, as well as reaching over one and a half million players in the days following Early Access Launch.  
With Enshrouded now in Early Access, the team is excited to share some of their favorite tips and tricks with players to ensure they have the most enthralling experiences possible while exploring Embervale. The video describes some of the many ways players can maximize their success. Abilities and skills can be added by spending skill points, gained by experience — whether it be through combat (by choice or by accident), mining, or expanding your map, grinding feels less monotonous. Making friends with specific NPCs will allow you to upgrade your gear depending on your playstyle. They also share environmental tips to assist in foraging ingredients, such as resin. Remember: if it’s green, the resin is lean - if it’s brown, many resin fall down! Finally, a few words on taking on the different kinds of Shroud and ensuring your friends don’t fall to the same fate. Second-hand gear can give them a helping hand (plus, friends don’t let friends adventure underdressed.) 
Leveling bases means leveling up for you.

Improvement isn’t just something for players, it’s for development as well. Since launching into Early Access, the developers have been hard at work bringing bug fixes, features, and tweaks to the game. With already seven hotfixes and one update currently in place, a lot of the initial issues have since been resolved. The latest update, implemented on February 6, 2024, saw improvements to stability, performance, and UI, a solution for errors when joining dedicated multiplayer servers, Steam community content preference support, and the highly requested fix to unlocking the rake recipe - yes! You can make a rake now! For more details on this and past updates, please visit the Steam News Hub for Enshrouded

Keen Games is committed to actively listening to player feedback and a major part of how quickly and when updates like the above are rolled out. Thanks to comments, reviews, and chatter around the world, the team can make more informed decisions, and with some patience, we promise to continue to upgrade the Early Access version of Enshrouded. Aside from community channels, such as Discord, or social media sites like Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and others, players can make their priorities known on the Enshrouded Feature Upvote, where features and fixes can be suggested and voted on to give our teams a clear view of the most in-demand suggestions. While the rankings do not confirm development or priority, they certainly add gravity to decision-making. Keep an eye out for official announcements on updates over Steam and our social media during Early Access. 
Shroud of blue, good for you! Shroud of red, soon be… not among the living.

Since launching two weeks ago, Enshrouded has seen over 1.5 million Flameborn venture into Embervale, and saw peak positions of #1 on the Top Selling and #6 on the Most Played Steam Charts, currently positioned at #2 and #13, respectively. Keen Games is solely dedicated to the game at present and has plans to elevate Enshrouded through the Early Access period, which will be revealed in the upcoming roadmap announcement. 

is a survival, action RPG combat, building, and crafting game within a voxel-made world designed by a custom engine developed and published by Keen Games. Either solo or with up to 16-player co-op, the players, referred to as Flameborn, embody the last ember of hope for a dying race. They will venture into a vast world known as the Embervale vanquish punishing bosses, building grand halls, and forging your path in this co-op survival action RPG for up to 16 players. They can endure the corrupting fog that plagues the land to seek rare treasures and frightening creatures within, to reclaim the kingdom's lost beauty and history. 

Enshrouded launched into Early Access on Steam on January 24th, 2024, with full 1.0 and console releases planned for the future. For the latest on Enshrouded, visit the official website, purchase the game on Steam, and follow the game on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, TikTok, and YouTube.

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