Awaken, Flameborn! Enshrouded is Out Now in Early Access

Posted January 24, 2024
Frankfurt am Main, 24 January 2024 – Developers Keen Games are thrilled to announce that Enshrouded has launched into Early Access today! The game features an action role-play game structure plus significant building and crafting options in a massive, editable voxel world, as players survive in the plagued lands of their ancestors. Playing alone or with up to 16-player co-op, Enshrouded Early Access contains hours of adventure with more gameplay freedom, inspiring players to tailor their narratives in a world of their own creation. Enshrouded will continue to grow in Early Access, eventually launching in a full release and on consoles. 
Originally announced in May 2023, Enshrouded is now in Early Access on Steam for all to enjoy. The developers, Keen Games, used their prior history working on Portal Knights to shape the game as a welcoming entry into the survival genre, as well as action RPG, building, and fantasy games. By no means does this imply an easy foray into the world of Enshrouded — the core theme of the game revolves around player agency and not punishing them for simply existing. Instead, it allows significant creative freedom over their journeys to be able to immerse fully into the mythical world of Enshrouded, including multiple gameplay facets to explore and advance within: from filling in robust, interchangeable skill trees, creating elaborate central bases on completely reshaped plots, crafting every single item possible, the player decides when, where, and how far to go from the start. 
It’s dangerous to go alone! While you can play solo and survive, the developers designed the game with co-op in the forefront of their minds for maximum thriving.  Enlist up to 16 players to join, as escapades and exploration will be far more fun as a team! In addition, unlockable NPCs known as Survivors will dwell in the home base providing supplies and recipes that will greatly aid in adventures. The perfect home-sweet-home-base will provide necessary comforts, plus grant the opportunity for players to construct their dream respite as simply or complicated as they wish, using tools that allow for quick construction and fine detailing. Thanks to Enshrouded's custom voxel engine, creations will blend in their environments, maximizing your house base coziness while ensuring freedom and creativity.

Players, who are referred to in-game as Flameborn, will have to earn their evolution by ways of hunting, foraging, and crafting the means that will allow them to explore and rebuild the once thriving kingdom that has fallen to the Shroud, a fog that corrupts the landscape it touches. Inhabited by restless and vengeful creatures called The Fell and other wild creatures, they attack relentlessly for the sole purpose of extending the Shroud’s reach, protecting their claimed dominion and rare resources within. Plenty of other creatures roam the lands outside of the Shroud, including the hulking Vukah with their treasure troves, and nasty Scavengers, determined to seek precious Elixir from the wells scattered throughout the distinct biomes. Prepare to engage in them all as you discover your purpose as the last hope for an Ancient race, unlock your latent powers, and herald a new future of your own design. 
Enshrouded is a game of survival, action RPG combat, building, and crafting, set within a sprawling voxel-based continent called Embervale. You are Flameborn, the last ember of hope for a dying race. Venture into a vast world, vanquish punishing bosses, build grand halls, and forge your path in this co-op survival action RPG for up to 16 players. Endure the corrupting fog that plagues the land to seek rare treasures and frightening creatures within, to reclaim your kingdom's lost beauty and history. Enshrouded was playable during the Steam Next Fest in October 2023, where it topped the Most Wishlisted, Most Daily Active Players, and Most Played charts at the time of the event’s conclusion. Enshrouded currently sits at the 8th most wishlisted game on Steam.

Enshrouded will launch into Early Access on Steam on January 24th, 2024, with full launch and console releases planned for the future. For the latest on Enshrouded, visit the official website, purchase the game on Steam, and follow the game on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, TikTok, and YouTube

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