Enshrouded Unveils Gameplay Teaser for October Steam Next Fest Demo!

Posted September 13, 2023
Frankfurt am Main, 13 September 2023 –  Keen Games is excited to reveal that their first self-published title Enshrouded will be participating in the Steam Next Fest, happening October 9 to 16, 2023 with a demo of the game’s first few hours. Get a glimpse of what the demo has to offer in a new gameplay trailer. This Steam Next Fest demo marks the first time the game will be playable by the public ahead of its highly anticipated Early Access Launch.  
Watch the Steam Next Fest Demo teaser trailer here: https://youtu.be/nwE_Mwc3byw 
The demo will feature hours of content with a wide range of gameplay possibilities that players can customize to suit their personal adventuring style: building, fighting, befriending with the first Legendary artisan, the Blacksmith, exploring, terraforming, tearing down, leveling up, and more. Within the pre-defined demo area, eager players will be able to construct, combat and craft in, either co-op or solo gameplay. 
Begin your demo anew as the Flameborn recently awakened to the devastated lands of Embervale, constructing Flame Altars to aid your quest in discovering the riches and ruin left, including the mysterious, lingering fog hovering over the land. The developers are particularly eager to encourage newcomers to the survival genre to try the free demo, given Enshrouded’s relaxed approach to survival elements — rather than perishing due to lack of preventative measures, players can get by and receive buffs from utilizing resources like food and shelter, or by venturing into villages for NPC companions and enemies to loot. Yes, in the demo players can even enter into the corrosive fog, if feeling brave enough. 
Anyone wishing to dig into particular elements of Enshrouded gameplay ahead of the demo should check out the three gameplay deep-dives on combat, building & terraforming, and survival & exploration. Those familiar with Keen Games’ previous release, Portal Knights, can expect the same level of voxel-engine sandbox fun, this time set against a post-apocalyptic, fantasy-inspired domain. 

Enshrouded is slated to launch into Steam Early Access in Q4 of 2023. Players can try out the demo for Enshrouded during the Steam Next Fest from October 9 to 16, 2023 on Steam, and wishlist the game to be notified of release news. For the latest on Enshrouded, visit the official website and follow the game on Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and YouTube

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