About Dungeon Stalkers

"Dungeon Stalkers" is a PvEvP dungeon crawler game where you can experience the exploration of traditional dungeon RPG and the joy of the escape survival genre. You become a "Dungeon Stalker," venturing into dungeons to seek wealth, honor, and truth. Select Stalkers with their own stories and help them grow stronger, fighting alongside trustworthy companions in an ever-changing dungeon environment plagued by the witch's curse. Within the dungeon, various monsters and other Stalkers with their own objectives will threaten your life. Utilize the darkness to defeat them and earn rewards to escape the dungeon! Furthermore, grow stronger with the rewards and fight against the guardians of the witch who rule this dungeon.


Charts new territory in the digital landscape by developing in-house games across a spectrum of genres and broadening our global publishing outreach to connect with gamers everywhere. This strategy...

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Important Dates

Release:   Alpha Test: May 22nd, 2024 to May 26th, 2024


Publisher:   HYBE IM
Developer:   ACTION SQUARE



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