BETRAYAL IN OUTER SPACE: Sci-Fi Survival Deception Game DUBIUM Launches in Early Access

Posted June 14, 2023
SEOUL, South Korea. June 14th, 2023— MUMO Studio declared liftoff for its sci-fi survival deception game DUBIUM, which launched to Steam Early Access today. At launch, the social deduction title boasts stunning pixar-style graphics, six playable characters, daily missions for meta-game progression, plus an array of weapons, tools and gadgets. Players keen to join their friends (and frenemies) in outer space can play DUBIUM in Early Access on Steam now for $14.99 USD. 

Board a derelict space station. Stabilize it by completing missions. 
Repair the escape pods. Survive the Traitor. 
Get out and get paid. 

DUBIUM is a five-player asymmetrical 1-versus-4 co-op game set in a near-future sci-fi universe. As one of five mercenary Frontiers hired by Shadd Industries, players board an abandoned space-station in search of dangerous technology left-behind; however, one player has been compromised by Shadd’s challengers. Band together or betray your fellow mercenaries— whatever it takes to secure your payday. Navigate the station, collect the Keystones, survive the schemes of the Traitor in your midst, and repair the station’s systems to access the escape shuttle.

DUBIUM launches with six playable characters, all with their own unique gadgets, and backstories. Rendered in gorgeous Pixar-like graphics and detailed sci-fi environments, you’ll use your wits to build or break alliances, explore the station, and gain the upper hand. As a team, a traitor, or a lone wolf; there are multiple ways to navigate DUBIUM’s social PvP challenges.

Players who want to stay informed about DUBIUM news can check out the DUBIUM website, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook, and join the community Discord— and play DUBIUM today on Steam!

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