Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter Releases Today!

Posted December 06, 2023
06.12.2023 Katowice/Hamburg - All Hands on Deck! Iron Wolf Studio and Daedalic Entertainment release their thrilling Naval-Warfare Sim Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter today! This captivating and unique WWII game merges historical accuracy with the spine-thrilling tension of a high-sea thriller. Secure the hatches and take the helm of a Fletcher Class Destroyer to protect supply convoys from U-boat attacks of the Wehrmacht. Make use of your precise and accurately depicted instruments on board to detect and destroy the enemy while enjoying authentic voice-over and immersive cutscenes in between missions.

  • Procedural battle generation with randomized weather, time of day, and enemy attack patterns.

  • A detailed Fletcher-class destroyer model with 5 locations meticulously recreated in state-of-the-art 3D: the bridge, the combat information center, the sonar room, the gun director, and the lookouts’ station.

  • Over 300 voice reports were recorded by professional voice actors, navy school cadets, and US Navy experts for unparalleled immersion and situational awareness.

  • A dark, thematic soundtrack comprising 4 multi-layered pieces that dynamically adjust to the level of tension between you and the enemy.

  • Varied U-boat captain profiles: aggressive, sneaky, patient, or cold professional - each of them with an ace up their sleeve.


Starting out as an Early Access game, Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter quickly grew an active community that helped improve the game based on player feedback. With the end of Early Access, the developers at Iron Wolf Studio have created a showcase that reflects on the games’ journey while introducing the core mechanics to new players.
More info on the game can be found on Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter’s official Steam Page. Additionally, we encourage you to check out Daedalic Entertainment’s press room and follow us on social media for more news on upcoming titles.

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