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Deceit 2 Gets Into the Spirit of the Holidays With a Christmas Update!

Posted December 14, 2023
Cambridge, England - December 14, 2023 — World Makers, an independent studio focused on building ground-breaking multiplayer sandbox games, is thrilled to announce a hefty Christmas Update for its social deduction thriller, Deceit 2. These updates promise to take the game to new heights, offering a new Christmas event, fresh cosmetics, updated gameplay experiences, and an immersive twist to the holiday season.

Christmas Event: A Nightmare Before (and During) the Festive Season
Just in time for the holidays, Deceit 2 is introducing a chilling Christmas Event that will turn your gaming experience into a festive nightmare. From December 14, 2023-January 4, 2024 immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations, themed skins, and more. Collect Holiday “Cheer” as you procure items from the Peddler and exchange them for exclusive, delightfully spooky rewards. The Christmas Event is designed to add a touch of merriment to the world of Deceit 2, making deceiving your friends even more thrilling during this joyous season.

Items and Gameplay: Striking the Perfect Balance
In response to player feedback, World Makers has been hard at work balancing various gameplay elements. Today’s update ensures that both good and evil factions have equal opportunities for triumph. The Mutation System has been reworked to allow a more refined experience while playing the Infected with a shared pool of six mutations, map-specific traits, and other strategic elements. Items sold by the Peddler have higher randomization and certain items will be disabled in smaller games to ensure a balanced nightmare. Other changes include updates and additions to tasks across various maps, and several tweaks to the escape gameplay. These crucial alterations promise to elevate the overall balance and competitiveness of  Deceit 2.

Revamped Menus, UI, and Graphics: A Modern Makeover
World Makers has diligently listened to player feedback and responded with a significant overhaul to the user interface and graphics in Deceit 2. Core menus and UI elements have been meticulously revamped, giving the game a more modern and cleaner aesthetic. New screens and additional scenes have been added to deepen the gaming experience both pre- and post-game, increasing immersion into the Ritual.

But that’s not all…
Beyond the gifts included in the Christmas Update, players can look forward to discovering additional features and enhancements starting in the new year with the kick-off of the first Deceit 2 Season! Seasons will provide opportunities for further updates and upgrades and other scarily fun content. Following the start of Season 1, World Makers is committed to continuing support for Deceit 2 and will have a big announcement coming early in the new year!

Deceit 2 is currently available on Steam. Join the official Discord for events, discussion, and more behind-the-scenes information!
About Deceit 2
Released earlier this year for PC, Deceit 2 is the sequel to the original Deceit, a horror-themed social deduction game that pioneered the genre. Trapped in an asylum at the mercy of a twisted lunatic, 6-9 players will take on the role of either innocent or infected. The innocent must work together to escape the Ritual, while the infected must do the Game Master’s bidding and slay them all. So who can you trust?

About World Makers
At World Makers, we build immersive games with intuitive and original gameplay, where players collaborate and compete in exciting new ways. By driving individual player and team experiences within deeply engaging worlds, we create meaningful and cinematic moments that stay with our players forever.

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