Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy: Director's Cut Launches with Narrative Overhaul After Collaboration with Community

Posted May 15, 2024
May 15th. Gdynia, Poland—Event Horizon, the Polish developer behind tactical RPGs Tower of Time, are launching the Director's Cut of their latest release, Dark Envoy, a real-time strategy RPG with and a rich cast of recruitable companions to journey with. Dark Envoy: Director's Cut reworks narration and cutscenes to reflect the moral depth that players found in the world around them. New narration establishes the weight of the war between the opposed forces of arcanum to complement the high-stakes tactical combat present in the original. Dark Envoy: Director's Cut is out now on Steam for $27.99 USD, and available for 40% off as part of Steam’s Daily Deal. 
After six months on Steam, and following the huge renewal of interest in isometric RPGs, Event Horizon has incorporated detailed community feedback on skills, characters, narrative, and complex moral dichotomies to make Dark Envoy: Director's Cut the tactical, story-driven RPG players envision from the team behind Tower of Time. With immense gratitude from Event Horizon, the players of Dark Envoy showed up in-force to support the title’s development. 
In Dark Envoy, players navigate real-time combat with pause and tactical slow-motion. Utilize strong battlefield placement and diverse skills across four classes and 16 subclasses to turn environmental hazards to your cause, dominate groups of monsters and soldiers, and best bosses in high-stakes battles. Between onslaughts, hunt for relics across sprawling temples and caverns, while you walk a razor-thin line between two sides of a vicious war.

To stay up to date with Event Horizon’s projects Tower of Time and Dark Envoy: Director’s Cut, visit their website and follow them on X (Twitter), Facebook, and Discord. 

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