Blood West

The Wild Blood West Calls For All Brave Enough To Face Its Horrors

Posted July 25, 2023
The lone wild west is calling for the most fearless of gunslingers to accept the challenge: search for the evil lurking in this world and do the right thing. From the twisted minds at Hyperstrange, we’re pleased to open invitations for a limited time to the gritty landscapes they created in the first two chapters of Blood West ahead of its full launch in December.
Step into the shoes of a lone gunslinger brought back to life by powerful spirits. Set against the backdrop of the Wild West, this dark and gripping adventure requires you to navigate treacherous landscapes, confront formidable adversaries, and build an arsenal in order to survive.

But, it’s not all about who has the biggest, baddest weapons – in the shadows of the Wild West, cunning and stealth are important allies. You must master the art of the silent strike, stealthily stalking enemies through moonlit landscapes, carefully selecting targets and defeating foes without a whisper. In addition to mastering stealth skills, you must adapt your strategies, explore alternative approaches, and think on your feet to overcome threats. 


  • Challenging FPS combat with thrilling gunfights and heart-stopping battles against ruthless outlaws, rival gunslingers, and supernatural creatures.
  • Stealth mechanics awarding caution. A true gunslinger knows that the element of surprise is priceless! 
  • Trait-based character progression grants new strengths and abilities, but in the cursed world of Blood West, each death brings a punishment.
  • Unusual and exciting enemies bring not only a physical threat, but present players with a challenge to think creatively. 
  • Non-linear immersive gameplay gives the freedom to carve a unique path through the Wild West and choose which quest to pursue next.

Chapter 3 is coming soon, but for now, let’s see if we can do a little clean-up there on the wasteland and swamps before things get out of control, shall we? Request a key now, and we’ll see how well you can handle the unnerving task of the skull in a stick.

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About Hyperstrange

HYPERSTRANGE is an independent game development and publishing studio based in Warsaw, Poland, founded on the day of the 2015 Solar Eclipse. With its debut title – ELDERBORN – Hyperstrange brought about a whole new level of brutal FPP melee combat in 2020. Then the studio gave a new lease on life to the POSTAL franchise in 2022 with POSTAL: Brain Damaged. Drawing inspiration from heavy metal, 90s pulp pop culture, and boomer shooter classics, the loud and proud studio strives to make everyone’s gaming life a little stranger.

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