Blaseball Returns With The Arrival of Fall Ball!

Posted October 26, 2022
LOS ANGELES, California, October 26th - After a long hiatus, award-winning design studio The Game Band is thrilled to announce the return of Blaseball, the cultural phenomenon known for its ominous gods, its devoted fanbase, and its peculiar weather phenomena. At the conclusion of the Expansion Era, the second major storyline in the game's history, Blaseball was nullified by a rapidly expanding Black Hole. Players, teams, and even the entire League itself—all disappeared into the inky void. Fans have been waiting since July 2021 to find out what happens next, but their waiting ends today: moments after the cataclysm that swallowed Blaseball whole, the Black Hole has appeared again and is burping out players from Before onto their new teams. Who will escape? Where will they fall? Their fates are in the hands of the Black Hole!
Blaseball is the only online game that simulates an absurdist, horrific version of baseball, encouraging fans to bet on simulated games using virtual currency. Successful bets earn votes that can be cast in regular elections, which change player and team stats, lineups, developer-written storylines, the rules of the game, and more. Past Blaseball Seasons occurred over the course of one week, followed by a postseason featuring four teams from each of Blaseball’s two leagues. But Fall Ball is a draft unlike any the Blaseball universe has seen before.

While the Black Hole periodically spews out players from past Eras, fans will be asked to enter their emails on the Fall Ball website in order to obtain Commemorative Rewards unlocked by the entire Blaseball community. The more Attendees that Fall Ball gains—as indicated by the number of registered emails— the more Rewards are unlocked. The more Rewards that are unlocked, the more opportunities that Fans have to gain key glimpses into the Blaseball universe.
There are several key features of Fall Ball:

  • Games will NOT be running during Fall Ball. Games will resume when the next Era begins.
  • The number of Players falling out of the Black Hole, and the specific times they fall out, are NOT tied to the Rewards or to fan registration numbers. Players will fall regardless.
  • Fans can collectively earn Rewards as the Attendance Goals are met. These Rewards are like Commemorative Pins from attending a big event.
  • Rewards hold secrets to the formation of the Blaseball universe, clues regarding the gods who inhabit this universe, and more details about Blaseball past and future.
  • All a Fan has to do in order to Attend is enter their email on the Fall Ball website.
  • Any previous or future Rewards earned by the collective group of Fall Ball Attendees will be given to anyone who provided their email.
  • The email entered should be associated with their existing or planned future Blaseball account, in order to keep all accumulated Rewards.

Now that Fall Ball is live, Fans can pre-register on the website. The official Blaseball app will be available for pre-order at a later date, with more news to follow!

Winner of the IGF 2021 Nuovo Award for Excellence in Innovation, Blaseball received a 2021 Hugo Award nomination for Best Video Game, as well as a 2020 Nebula Award nomination for Best Game Writing. 2020 also saw Blaseball named as Top 10 Game of the Year for multiple publications, including Polygon and Vulture, while Gamespot named it a Top 10 Free Game of 2020, Additionally, included The Game Band in their Top 10 Developers of the Year for 2020.

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