Barotrauma is barreling towards 1.0 release on March 13th

Posted February 27, 2023
After almost four years in years in Early Access, the suboceanic survival sim emerges with tons of shiny new features and a fantastic community

Hamburg, Germany, February 23rd, 2023 - After an Early Access journey filled to the brim with updates, the sci-fi u-boat sim Barotrauma is finally going to emerge into version 1.0 on Steam on March 13th, with lots of new features and a wonderful community on board. The game is on track to entice even more brave submariners to dive into Europa’s depths with its huge variety of u-boats and missions, disgusting enemies, varied biomes and hilarious ragdoll physics. As Barotrauma is approaching its 1.0 release, the game is nearing another major milestone: Almost 2.5 million players already call this superb submarine spectacle their own. 
Barotrauma is a sci-fi submarine sim with both a single-player mode as well as co-op with up to 16 players, who navigate the depths of Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa and fulfill various missions. Together with their active and passionate community, developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have greatly expanded and improved the game since its Early Access launch in summer 2019: They overhauled the campaign and tutorials, added new monsters, missions and outposts, improved graphics and environments, implemented a scripted event system and much much more. All of this was made possible with the feedback and support of more than 30,000 Discord members as well as 60,000 player-made entries on the Steam Workshop. To show their deep devotion to their players and their fanbase the devs even added a player-made submarine to the base-game as part of a community competition.

Full list of updates since EA launch:
  • New graphics and environments
  • Campaign overhaul
  • Explorable outposts
  • Wrecked submarines, abandoned outposts and improved alien ruins
  • Submarine upgrading and switching
  • More and new monsters and missions
  • New scripted event system
  • Talent system for character progression
  • Reworked tutorials

The community is especially looking forward to the introduction of rival factions with version 1.0 and the new ending of the campaign. Joonas Rikkonen, Barotrauma's lead developer, on the Barotrauma community states: Barotrauma has been a great community-assisted effort for almost a decade now, and we’re thrilled to be reaching 1.0 after all these years. We can’t wait to hear what our players think about the faction overhaul and the real ending of the campaign, and look forward to making more updates even after this release.”

About Barotrauma:
Navigate a chilling ocean filled with strange creatures, explore alien ruins, and cooperate with your crewmates to complete missions on your voyage. Choose from several classes and work together managing complex systems, including the nuclear reactor, guns, engines and sonar. Fend off hostile monsters, seal deadly radioactive leaks, and survive crewmates infected with extra-terrestrial viruses.
Barotrauma’s thrilling and often hilarious chaos is both fun to play and watch thanks to procedurally generated levels, ridiculous ragdoll physics and full mod support. But beware: some threats are closer than you think. Multiplayer’s traitor mode option may randomly assign players as secret conspirators, complete with their own individual missions like assassination and sabotage.

Meet the community on the Discord server. All information about Barotrauma can be found on Steam.

Assets are available here.

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