Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero Launches into v1.0 on Nintendo Switch & PC!

Posted November 14, 2023
November 14th, 2023 - Warsaw, Poland - The darling Backpack Hero has surprise-dropped onto Steam and Nintendo Switch during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, after 14 months in Early Access development! The turn-based roguelike gives players the puzzle of organizing your inventory to maximize buffs and create builds out of more than 800 unique items. Backpack Hero is out now on Steam, GOG,, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD.

Hot out of Steam Early Access, build your pack and vanquish the endless denizens of procedurally-generated dungeons as one of five playable characters, each with their own unique take on the backpack-building gameplay. Now in v1.0, rebuild the town of Haversack Hill into a charming hamlet: plan your layout, attract new residents, unlock new heroes and quests, and stock up for your next dungeon run!
  • Organize Your Pack – Min/Max your buffs and builds on dungeon runs to create game-breaking strategies!
  • Rebuild Haversack Hill – Attract new residents, buy and sell items, research new items, and unlock heroes, challenges, and quests.
  • Collect 800+ Unique Items!
  • Battle 100+ Unique Enemies!
  • Endless Dungeons – Start every run with randomly generated levels 

For more information about Backpack Hero, find all community, social media, and store links at the Backpack Hero Linktree.
About Different Tales 
Different Tales is the home for bold creators. An independent Studio & Publisher based in Warsaw, Poland – developing AA games and offering boutique publishing to tiny teams. Following their acclaimed Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest and Wanderlust: Travel Stories, Different Tales has recently published Backpack Hero and Havendock.  

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