Achilles: Legends Untold

Face the Mythical Minotaur this Fall in Achilles: Legends Untold

Posted September 14, 2023
Achilles: Legends Untold by Dark Point Games is entering its full release this year, and on that occasion, the team wants to take you on a tour through this original action RPG set in mythological Ancient Greece. Dynamic, combat-focused gameplay and an isometric camera view will surely make you feel at home. But the game showcases several new features – enemies and mechanics – that provide a completely novel approach to the genre. Enjoy an extended gameplay look of what’s to come very soon:
Challenging combat is what Achilles stands on

Combat, a central feature of gameplay, proves this premise best. In Achilles, you can die in a multitude of ways – swarmed by skeletons, blown to bits by an exploding barrel, or expiring from unremoved statuses like poison or bleeding that deal damage over time.

* Tactical approach to combat – learning your opponents’ moves and finding your own ways to counter them is daily bread in Achilles: Legends Untold *

Unlike in most action RPGs, combat in Achilles doesn’t depend on carelessly storming through hordes of enemies. Launching a “road roller” mode won’t lead you anywhere except to your death. Fights are small-scale and focus should be on delivering well-thought-out moves. Any attack you make won’t get passed unnoticed by your enemies, who will try to surround you or deal a blow at the moment you least expect it.

Unique enemy behavior

* The game introduces multiple types of enemies providing a unique challenge for players *

Keen-eyed archers are not Stormtroopers from Star Wars; their arrows mercilessly remind you to roll or cover yourself with a shield. Armored undead, though slow in movements, are clad in iron from top to bottom, leaving only their backs vulnerable. Wolves, on the other hand, attack in packs and do a hit-and-run tactic, inflicting bleeding statuses. The diversity of foes and combat styles encourages you to watch and learn to achieve victory.

While regular enemies in large groups pose a challenge even to veteran ARPG players, Achilles introduces several bosses – powerful individual opponents with their own life bars and unique, deadly combat patterns. With the release of the full game, you will be able to face one of the new bosses, the mythical Minotaur.

* Mythical Minotaur is a boss you can stumble upon within the gloomy corridors of the Labyrinth – a new location available for players with the game’s full release. *

Wielding a giant axe, the half-man, half-bull is the guardian of a network of pathways and corridors in the ancient Labirnyth – a new, explorable location in the game. The Minotaur impresses not only with his terrifying stature but also with a set of unique fighting skills. His melee blows are devastating on their own and extremely difficult to dodge. If you try to keep the monster in the distance, however, he will bring a crushing avalanche upon you, forcing you to roll and eventually face him in melee again. These are just some of the abilities you can expect when you finally face him!

By introducing this enemy, Dark Point Games wants to tell players: this is one of the ultimate challenges you can overcome only if you pay super attention and use all the combat knowledge you have gained thus far.

Fights in Achilles encourage observation and persistence, but the game also spices them with random enemy behavior. The proprietary artificial intelligence system, GAIA (Group Action AI), makes opponents work together and take advantage of their surroundings to deliver coordinated attacks on the player. Such special moves cannot be easily predicted and countered, which makes fights even more natural and challenging.

* Combat is only as good as its AI – how the Group AI Action system allows for unique enemy behavior and interactions during combat in the isometric view *

The hidden path leads to a hidden prize… or death

Keeping your eyes peeled during combat is one thing, but in Achilles: Legends Untold, you also want to stay aware when exploring the diverse landscapes of Ancient Greece.

A side path covered with leaves and branches often leads you to a hidden prize or an ambush site of overgrown, poison-inflicting spiders. Climbing up the mountain pass may seem like a relief after hours spent in shadowed dungeons only until you spot a griffon charging at you from afar. Though the world of Achilles is strewn with dangers at every step, the way locations were created can give hints of what types of enemies you can expect.

* Valuable rewards often remain unreachable for us unless we make use of our set of skills *

Across the game world, players can also find chests with engraved symbols on them. To open the lock and put your hands on the prize, you must look for the same symbols scattered across the area and trigger them. They are not easy to spot and usually hang from columns, trees, or high rocks, but on the other hand – what's more satisfying than using your superhuman skills and throwing your shield around like Captain America?

The world of Achilles: Legends Untold is full of perils you will face at any corner. And though dying is a natural part of gameplay, treat it as a way to improve yourself. With each failure comes knowledge you can reforge to become a better warrior. Through patience and awareness, you learn how to survive and spot hidden prizes rewarding you for all the toil, sweat, and tears you leave on the field of battle.

You won’t have to wait too long to have a chance at fighting the Wraith, as Achilles: Legends Untold is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S this Fall.

See you in Greece, warriors!

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