90 Minute Fever

90 Minute Fever will Exit Steam Early Access with its Version 1.0 Release on September 1st, 2023

Posted September 01, 2023
Leeds, UK, September 1st 2023 - Isokron's enthralling football management world of 90 Minute Fever on Steam exits Early Access today along with an update that improves the match experience.

Behind the Development of 90 Minute Fever

“We weren’t able to find an online football management game that was hands-on. They were all coffee break style games that largely play themselves in the background while “users” login once or twice a week for a few minutes to flip a few switches and run maintenance.

There are some extremely good single player, comfort driven experiences in this genre.  But we wanted to create an online experience for our players to be able to test themselves against other tactical masterminds and challenge real opponents to a battle of managerial supremacy.

We really liked the hands-on but streamlined gameplay of single player football management games like Championship Manager in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  We’ve used this philosophy of a streamlined flow of skill-based decisions that matter as our inspiration to create something truly innovative and unique in the genre.”
Navigate the fog of war system to choose which players from your youth academy will join your club at the end of each season.

About Isokron
Isokron is a tiny indie studio based in West Yorkshire in the UK who love football! Go Leeds!

For more information on 90 Minute Fever, visit the Steam Store Page.

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