2021-01-03 13:45:28
  • Added Discovery Queue

  • Added GDPR Page

    Something about GDPR
  • Added Jobs page

  • Added Contact Pages

    Content about fixes
  • Added Global search

    Search now while logged out
  • Added News is now filterable

    Filterable news!
  • Added Log out all other devices

    Log out all other devices. Say you see a login you don't recognise, you can now log out all other devices.
  • Changed New Design

    A general refresh to the design
  • Changed Sane URLs

    Some examples of this: https://terminals.io/product/?pid=326 is now https://terminals.io/games/fortnite. May not seem like a huge change, but it makes the user experience that little bit nicer.
  • Changed Search is now 10x faster

  • Fixed Navbar is now everywhere

    This wasn't always the case :O but now it is, hazzah!
  • Changed Game news is now paginated

    If you had a game page with a lot of news, it was a long, long scroll.

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